Baking Sessions @ Abu Dhabi Mall

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Not many of our friends know that Darrelle and I actually had a civil wedding 2 months before our Church Wedding, and yes it was three (3) years ago today – 27.March.2017 (2014). Today, we celebrate 3 by learning a little bit about baking!

Darrelle and I have spent this day like a normal day as he starts his annual vacation, but made it a little bit extra by listing ourselves to a baking session at Abu Dhabi Mall. A certain brand (Travola) has been showing off their mixers and other baking stuffs, where they’ve arranged an event that allowed kids (with parents) and adults (in pairs) to do some pastries! The kids had donuts and for us, adults – we did my favorite – macaroons!!! 😀

We have to share our mixer with another couple, so some of the steps were not done by us personally although it was quiet easy to do it while Chef Eric demonstrated then step by step. Mixing all the ingredients, let the mixer do the mixing for the egg white, our partner pair did the manual mixing of the dry ingredients and Darrelle did some of the plating for the macaroon’s shell and then I attached both shells using the icing! ^^

Overall, it was a fun experience; we get to bring our own baked goods of 12 pcs. of chocolate macaroons and enjoyed it just before the night ends!

I praise God for the opportunity to have fun and to have another year added to us, as a couple. It’s been a great 3 years and we both look forward for more!



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#TheKokobears on Instagram!

It’s been a while! Both of us have been busy in our individual tasks here and there. But, we never left the social media world, in fact, we have recently joined #Instagram!

Yes! You have read it right, The Kokobears just joined the IG world where we feature the beautiful photos of the places we have been. Not only that we also share some sumptous foodie and find some inspirations as we explore those places!

So go ahead, seach for @thekokobears and add us, and we will follow you back!


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Simala Church – Sibonga Cebu


In my recent vacation to Cebu this January (2017)- I make it a point to visit one of Cebu’s most visited church (aside from Sto. Nino) – it is called Simala Church – in Lindogon, Simala – Sibonga Cebu. I was there with my parents and aunt. Although we have taken a private car – I spent some time researching further details if you need to commute on your way to this #EuropeFeels facade in the south.

Full story and details can be found on my recent blog – Travel Guide : Simala Church Cebu.

Sharing you some of the photos I took below.

Note: This is a solo trip I did (JM), because Kokobear  (Darrelle) was not with me for some reason. Wanna know why? Read this blog post last year.

More of these photos can be found on the above blog that I shared on #InMyHeartJMKaynesBlog!

God bless!


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SFL Love Forum 2016 in Abu Dhabi


I am sharing something about what I learned during last Friday’s SFL Love Forum 2016. It’s actually our 4th Love Forum in the community.

The speakers were Ate Amie and Bro Ryan for talk 1.

Talk 2 by myself (JM)

Talk 3 – by Kokobear Darrelle

Talk 4 – by Ate Nancy

And finally talk 5 – by Kuya Pong.


This was a whole day event from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm held at Al Jazeera Club – 4th November 2016. And 111 strong SFLs from Abu Dhabi and Al Ain gathered to hear the heart beat!

See the full my full take home story on #InMyHeartJMKayne’sBlog – SFL Love Forum Take Home



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ByaheNgKokobears – Ceylon/Sri Lanka


A Detour

To some of you who know our Eid getaway plan this year, perhaps you’ll be surprised that #ByaheNgKokobears is heading to another destination. Don’t wanna mentioned where we’re supposed to be but this time we are heading to CEYLON or now called SRI LANKA and we have a special guest, Ate Amie joins the adventure!

After the twist and turns of events, I started reading about this new destination and found some interesting places and activities. As an intro blog, I will be listing below what I expect to experience and shall update this once we complete or miss those items.

While reading this, we maybe off to Dubai to catch our flight to Colombo 🙂 so enjoy and updates will surely be posted soon.

So, I hope we could:

  1. Ride an elephant! It’s actually on my bucket list
  2. Visit the tea estate
  3. Ride Sri Lankan train (not the modern one like in Dubai)
  4. See more animals in Safari like a leopard…
  5. Enjoy the beach of Sri Lanka

Continue reading on #CEYLON.



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ByaheNgKokobears : Sailing in Abu Dhabi Marina

Sailing in Abu Dhabi Marina - The Kokobeas
Sailing in Abu Dhabi Marina – The Kokobeas

It was 6 years ago when I last saw Corniche skyline with its beautiful line-up of buildings (at night) from the beach through a Dhow Cruise that Koko and I enjoyed in the Valentine’s Day.

This year, a new perspective has been granted to us as we traverse Emirates Palace Marina to the Corniche beach by a sailboat! ~ This is our post-anniversary & a pre-birthday gift that Kokobear has prepared for me! J#HappyWifeHappyLife.

Call time was at 2:00 pm and we we’re indeed on time! We came first and waited the other guests. It took a bit longer to wait like almost 2 hours – so while waiting we started capturing memories from the dock of Emirates Palace Marina. We started sailing at 4:00 pm completed it at around 9:30 pm.


  1. Swing
  2. Walking on the water
  3. Swimming
  4. Water Sports – Donuts
  5. Dinner
  6. Treasure Hunt (For Kids! J )
  7. Dance/Disco/Chill

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Puerto Princesa, Palawan PH

This is the 4th leg of our 2015 Vacation Itinerary. This is another#ByahNgKokobears Special! This post will be short, just an overview of the 3-days we spent in this beautiful place. Separate blogs with details will be shared as well soon.


Day 1- Island hopping (2 Islands only due to the rainy season)

Luli Island

Cowrie Island

Day 2 – Puerto Princesa Highlights

We spent the whole day with the below places/activities

Of course the highlight is the Underground River.

Day 3 – City Tour

Provincial Capitol

Iwahig Prison & Penal Farm

Crocodile Farm

Baker’s Hill

Butterfly Garden & Palawan tribal Village

Binuatan Weaving Creations

Read the full blog here – Puerto Princesa Palawan PH

Cebu : Canyoneering Adventure


Many have tried and conquered this new adventure craze in Cebu! Of course, Kokobear and I tried and have rated it a 5 star expereince! 8th& 9th December 2015 were scheduled for an Overnight stay at Osmenan Peak and the day after is for Canyoneering!!!

How to get here:

From Cebu South Bus terminal – ride a bus going to Bato via Barili and ask the conductor to drop you atBarangay Malabago, Badian. It will take approximately 3 hours to get there. In our case, our providers’ representatives (Mike & Randy) were waiting for us in the highway near the school/barangay office. Our adventure provider is Highland Adventures. We started the trek at 10:30 am, from Highland’s office/house we travel by habal-habal (motorcycle) around 20-25 minutes to the first falls. Our guide was excellent, he started with a briefing – safety matters and we prayed(such a good virtue of our guide).

Spoiler: To my surprise, the very first act is already to jump a 10-12 feet falls! Woooaaahhh! My heart was racing! But after a minute I found myself soaking under the cold water and felt that the nerves inside me were excited!!! Kokobear and our guide were both encouraging! We started at Kanlaoob Falls and ended it at Kawasan falls.

Read more on #InMyHeartJMKaynesBlog – Canyoneering


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Cherry Café

The first visit...
The first visit…

A month ago, Kokobear and I (JM) discovered a newly opened café nearby… literarily nearby because it is only in the next building to our flat. It’s called CHERRY CAFÉ!

It is a tiny café in the Tourist Club Area (TCA) out of curiosity we gave it a try. The first thing that caught our attention was the beautifully crafted cupcakes! Although we didn’t try it on our first visit but I did try one – red velvet – on the other occasion that I visited the place.

We first tried their red sauce seafood pasta! We liked it! It was creamy, not sweet nor sour and simply palatable. Presentation wise it isn’t that tempting but will really recommend it.


On my second & third visit, I tried the breakfast : Tapa & Tocino.

The presentation is good but I personally say that both of them aren’t the taste I expected it TO BE. I’m not saying it’s not good – but I won’t recommend.

There are a lot on the menu but so far these are the ones we tried. Cherry1

Their coffee isn’t the regular coffee, instead ,they have a green coffee.

I’m definitely going back for the seafood pasta, but maybe not for breakfast menu (unless I don’t have choice) and maybe to try the other set of menu.

Service wise? They are friendly.

Have you tried Cherry’s Café before? Hope you can share with us your experience & thoughts through the comment box below.



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ColorRun Abu Dhabi 2016

2016-03-14 09.18.10

This is our latest adventure! FUN category starts here!

12 March 2016 – Friday

Yas Island Abu Dhabi.

We experience 5 different color stations: Yellow, Blue, Orange, Pink and Rainbow!

Each color stations offer a simple burst of colors that brings joy and fun.

How we get there:

As soon as ColorRun Abu Dhabi opened the registration and highlighted that the run will fall on a Saturday 12.03.2015, Koko and I never hesitated to register. So we got an early bird registration for on 140/-AED per person. And all we have to do is to wait for the event. Of course a bit of preparation was also casted, Koko runs while I also do – – – rarely till the day. 🙂

On Friday – 11th March, we took our package – including the t-shirt and other stuffs at Yas Marina where the event will also take place the next day. Taxi was 53 AED one way! L That was like, if two-way – almost another registration!!! But no worries, we are up for the fun and we have waited for this for a while…

On the Day

Another round of taxi fare making it like paying the regular price… (oppps not complaining… hehehe) went a bit late at around 7:00 am where the venue is almost full! We headed directly to the warm up area where Reebok was assigned for the stretching, dance moves and all other exercises. Koko and I had our own share of “Come… baby I’m worth it… toot toot toot…. lol”…

Full Story and details are here — > #InMyHeart – ColorRun Abu Dhabi 2016

Full Video here.


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